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April theme

Living in the Spirit (spiritual leadership)

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This month’s FutureWise is on 18th October, from 14.15-16.30 CET. Register here and join on your own, or with a co-worker, a Leadership Team or base staff team. Our speaker this month is Roy Searle, an innovative thinker who specialises in Celtic Church history and spirituality. As well as our main speaker there will be a panel discussion and a time of reflective prayer. Register now and we will see you there.

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How to facilitate the discerning of God's direction in a group?

Johan and Laura
‘God ,what are you saying to us as a team??’ or ‘How are you leading us as a community or campus?’ When we come together to hear God’s voice there can be lots of ideas and thoughts on what He is saying and how he is leading. As leaders we can often be in the position of facilitating these times of hearing from God and there are a few things that are important to remember when in that position.

Spiritual Leadership

Miranda Heathcote

In this video, Miranda Heathcote offers ‘3 Cs’ of spiritual leadership, as a way of describing an orientation in our leadership that begins in our personal lives, is expressed in our relationships, and spills over into vision and fruit flowing from our leadership.

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Spiritual leaders have a desire to create an atmosphere where we can enjoy God’s presence. In order to do that, the spiritual leader is first a personal worshipper and then can lead others into God’s presence. Spiritual leaders grow in awareness of the spiritual realm and are able to discern what the Holy Spirit is saying and doing.

What is Mediation? Mediation includes many facets. It is not counseling, mentoring, or coaching. Enjoy Frederick’s article as he shares with vulnerability about his journey through mediation.

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February lounge

Walking with the Greater Body of Christ

This month we connected with Keith Warrington a veteran leader from New Zealand. A pioneer in our mission who has been part of the Journey of YWAM for all 50 years of its existence in Europe. Based in Berlin and full of leadership insight we learn how to walk together with the greater body of Christ and having a greater message of the Kingdom lived out.

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round table discussion

Experienced leaders discussing this month's theme

Join our panel of leaders from across YWAM as they discuss this month’s resources and add their own input in a round table format. Only 30 mins long, with loads of opinions and lots to learn – so grab a coffee and enjoy!


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February Round Table

Maintaining Unity by Walking Through Conflicts

Listen in as Debbie and the panel discuss this month’s topic “Maintaining Unity by Walking Through Conflicts”. We are joined by Rosana Liste from YWAM Urban Key, Scott Sotomayor from YWAM Rostrevor, and Sue Pratt from YWAM Harpenden.

Become Leaders With Impact

YWAM Europe is contending for unity and effectiveness as a Missions Movement within our continent.

This website seeks to distill the hard won experience, wisdom, successes and failures of leaders from YWAM’s 6 European areas. Take a look at the map to see how we arrange ourselves.

It represents a collaboration of people with service across 8 decades who recognise the power of the generations working together in a servant hearted fashion. 

We believe that if we work in unity together then our lives will be spent well – that is, for the benefit and glory of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom on Earth. 

How YWAM Europe Serves God Together


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