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Women in Leadership

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This month’s FutureWise is on 18th October, from 14.15-16.30 CET. Register here and join on your own, or with a co-worker, a Leadership Team or base staff team. Our speaker this month is Roy Searle, an innovative thinker who specialises in Celtic Church history and spirituality. As well as our main speaker there will be a panel discussion and a time of reflective prayer. Register now and we will see you there.

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Women in leadership in YWAM - how are we doing?

Romkje Fountain


What challenges do women face in leadership and leadership teams in YWAM?

Ema Bogdan

Listen in to Ema sharing on the challenges she’s faced as a woman in YWAM leadership in post-communist Romania.

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There is much written about hard and soft skills in leaders over the last years. From research it shows that women are stronger than men in 11 out of 12 areas of emotional intelligence. With emotional intelligence being so important for the present generations, what conclusions should we make for the role of women in leadership?

Gender-inequity in Youth with a Mission (YWAM)? No, we don’t have this problem! We do have women in leadership roles! Of course we do! I mean, if our founder even wrote a book with the title Why Not Women?, then there cannot be a problem! …or can it? 

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September lounge

The YWAM Structure of Circles

Tove Poulsen together with newly added host Caleb Schmidt dig deeper into our topic for the month: YWAM structure and Circle leadership. They are joined by guests Stephe Mayers and Dick Brouwer, both who have been involved in our mission for a significant number of years, having attained wisdom and insight from their leadership experiences as well as having observed the development of our Mission. Stephe, is an expert in team leadership and development, and has been a long time global leader in YWAM for Europe. Dick Brouwer, who has been involved with leadership in RescueNet, YWAM transformational Netherlands and currently serves in YWAM Europe.

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round table discussion

Experienced leaders discussing this month's theme

Join our panel of leaders from across YWAM as they discuss this month’s resources and add their own input in a round table format. Only 30 mins long, with loads of opinions and lots to learn – so grab a coffee and enjoy!


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September Round Table

The YWAM Structure of Circles 

This month’s Round Table Discussion was facilitated by Belinda Chaplin, and features Stephe Mayers, Tove Poulsen and Jose Liste chatting about the September’s theme: “YWAM’s structure of Circles”. Remember, you can find this Round Table Discussion and all of our media content as podcasts on all major platforms.

Become Leaders With Impact

YWAM Europe is contending for unity and effectiveness as a Missions Movement within our continent.

This website seeks to distill the hard won experience, wisdom, successes and failures of leaders from YWAM’s 6 European areas. Take a look at the map to see how we arrange ourselves.

It represents a collaboration of people with service across 8 decades who recognise the power of the generations working together in a servant hearted fashion. 

We believe that if we work in unity together then our lives will be spent well – that is, for the benefit and glory of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom on Earth. 

How YWAM Europe Serves God Together


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