Summer Series: recharge

Throughout July and August the ELLC will take a break from our usual line-up of talks and articles – instead, we offer you a short weekly video on the theme of Recharging. It is our hope that over this summer season you will find your own way to draw deeply from God in ways that truly refresh you.

May you be blessed each week as you find moments to Recharge!

In this short clip, Tove Poulson describes the summer video series – be sure to check back every week for updates!

Recharge: Moving into Freedom

July - 1st Week - Jonny Clark

The first of these videos comes from Jonny Clark in Northern Ireland, who suggests that in order to truly recharge we need to practice radical detachment from the things in our lives that can take the place of God. Jonny shares his own need for physical movement in order to become free of all that can weigh us down. In what area of your life are you aware of unhealthy attachments to things other than God? What practices do you need in order to walk in the kind of freedom that enlivens and energises?

Recharge: Rest and Celebrate

July 2nd Week - Tove Poulson

Our video this week comes from Tove Poulson in Denmark, who considers how rest and celebration are a vital part of recharging and are modelled for us by God. (As you watch it, you might remember Jonny Clark’s video from last week and his idea of recharging without sliding into inertia.) How are you making time to rest over the summertime? And what can you celebrate from the last season? What kind of celebration would you most enjoy?

Recharge: Perspective

July 3rd Week - Belinda Chaplin

This week’s video is from Belinda Chaplin in Bosnia, who considers how a change of perspective might help to refresh us as we come to see things in a different way.

Recharge: Create Anew

July 4th Week - Carl Tinnion

This week’s video is from Carl Tinnion, originally from the UK, who invites us to lean into creativity as a way to be renewed and recharged. (Creating can really help shift our perspective, which was the subject of last week’s video from Belinda Chaplin.) What kind of creativity most draws you? To what extent is creativity a valued part of your normal working routine? How could you make time for a creative moment this week?

Recharge: Empassion

August 1st Week - Stephe Mayers

This week’s video is from Stephe Mayers in Spain, who prompts us to think about how to move on from languishing in fatigue and demotivation by connecting more with the things we are passionate about. (You might also like Carl Tinnion’s video from last week, when he championed the enlivening effects of getting creative.) What brings life to you? And how might you connect more with those energising passions?

Recharge: Emotional Tending

August 2nd Week - Johan Alexandersson

This week’s video is from Johan Alexandersson in England, who invites us to catch up with our feelings and especially the strong and negative ones. (Perhaps you identified with the feeling of ‘languishing’ which Stephe Mayers described in last week’s video.) Johan describes a practice to help us tend to our feelings, so that our other attempts at recharging can be effective. What feelings have built up in you over the past season? How is God inviting you to be present to your own emotions in the company of the Holy Spirit?

Recharge: Pay Attention

August 3rd Week - Miranda Heathcote

This week’s video is from Miranda Heathcote in Spain, who suggests two practical ways to get out of our heads as a means of recharging from the heady work of leadership. How might you pay closer attention to what is going on within and around you this week? (This could build on other ways to tend to your heart, as Johan Alexandersson described in last week’s video.) And how might this attentiveness become a place of connecting with God in ways that recharge you?

Recharge: Heart Posture

August 4th Week - Clare Mulrooney

Our final video is from Clare Mulrooney in the UK, who reflects on a posture of the heart that enables us to recharge – not just during holidays but in our ordinary working week. How might you participate with the Holy Spirit in creating ways to regularly posture your heart towards God? (In addition to Clare’s, perhaps you are still trying out the practices suggested by Miranda Heathcote in last week’s video?) As we come to the end of the summer, in what ways are you learning to commune with God in the middle of life’s busyness, as well as in the times of switching off?

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