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The Leadership Secrets of Billy Graham

Harold Myra / Marshall Shelley (Zondervan 2005)

If you want direct access to the spiritual inheritance of Billy Graham and the modern evangelical movement, The Leadership Secrets of Billy Graham provides key insight, how to build a leadership team and a public ministry in godly manners.

Those of us who were effected by Graham’s worldwide ministry learned that God allowed him to be one of the most prominent global leaders in the 20th century. He befriended and gave advice to nine American presidents and spoke to millions of people all over the world in his lifetime.

“I learned a lot from Billy Graham”

Loren Cunningham

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Making Jesus Lord

Laying down rights is a concept foreign to our culture, indeed a concept foreign to the very nature of humankind. We live in a world where the protection and exaltation of individual rights has become an obsession.

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Right Relationships

Tom Marshall from New Zealand used to teach in YWAM schools, LTSs and conferences in the 1970’s and 80’s.

He had a strong prophetic teaching gift and became a blessing to many. This book, one of his last, reveals the power of relationships expressed by four dynamics: trust, love, respect & honour as well as understanding.

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Reinventing Organisations

Loren Cunningham had a “download from the Lord” in 2010—Circles, Circuits and Cycles.

The circles referred to leading from and with teams. I couldn’t see how that would work locally, though we implemented it above local level. Now I think he was seeing something that was at least a decade away—as he sometimes does.

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