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Events to bring you together with other leaders for fellowship and growth

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Previous leadership events that have shaped and provoked

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Listen as Loren shares about the vision of Oral Mother Tongue Bible Translation

With incredible energy and stirring passion, listen to our founder, Loren Cunnigham, share about the vision of Bible translation using Oral Mother Tongue. This message was delivered to YWAM Europe in June 2023 and is also available in several other languages below. Enjoy!

German  Spanish  Portuguese  Russian  Ukrainian

European Leaders Gathering 2023

Date: 6-10 February, 2023, held at Harpenden, UK

Here we pull together a large resource of excellent material that you can browse at will.  There are videos, articles and presentations.

Take some time and check it out – you will be encouraged, informed and provoked.

Listen to Mariette Louw share an opening devotion

Tom Bloomer exhorts us to ‘Draw Circles Bigger’

A powerful session of prayer and testimony on Ukraine

The Future of YWAM

Listen to futurist Patrick Dixon share on this subject.

Patrick has huge experience across this field and has published books and spoken widely. He has shared with YWAM many times before and each time we are challenged by what he has to say.

 Patrick Dixon shares on the “Future of YWAM”

The Apostolic and Gen Z

Andreas Nordli shares and facilitates a session on this subject.

With a large number of contributors and plenty of thought provoking content, this session is well worth watching again.

Join Andreas for this session.


Want to know what the European Leaders’ Learning Community is all about?

Join Belinda and friends as they take you through just what this website has to offer. And after watching, why not hit up our huge archive to find out more!

More about the ELLC!

Couch Sessions

Join Scott and Stefan as they host the Couch Sessions during our 2023 ELG.

Covering a couple of subjects – and with lively and spirited debate – why not grab a coffee and spend time on the couch with the boys as they take us on a varied journey…

Couch Conversations…


Listen to some of our most respected leaders share on the subject of ‘Kingdom’.

With a powerful theme and decades of wisdom and experience, why not take some time and check it out. You can watch the whole thing or drop in on some specific sessions.

Also included are links to the Presentation shared at the event plus a fascinating article by Dr Tim Keller.

Watch the entire session here with Tove Poulsen, featuring Keith Warringtion and others,  or dip into some of the included messages that we have snipped out.

Jeff Fountain shares his view on ‘Kingdom’

Part 1 of Tom Bloomer sharing on the topic of ‘Kingdom’

Part 2 of Tom Bloomer sharing on the topic of ‘Kingdom’

UofN Resources shared at ELG 2023

Enjoy the UofN session where Tove Pouslen facilitates some well known YWAM faces and gives us an update on what is new with the UofN.

The projected presentation is also available on the button below.

Tove Poulsen hosts a the full session on the UofN. 

A short promo on the new Extension Studies from the UofN.

Markus Steffen shares on the Future of the UofN.

Phil Leage shares more on Extension Studies

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