How to master self-leadership through regular reflective prayer

Imagine you’ve been invited to attend an event at your local Youth With A Mission campus. While it’s important for you to be there, you know of a couple of people attending with whom you’ve recently experienced some conflict. You’ve tried your best to reconcile with them yet feel anxious about seeing them. Your stomach […]

What is an Eldership Team? How does its authority and responsibility function?

When I was first asked to join the Area Eldership team for Youth with a Mission (YWAM) Central Europe, I did not know all that it would entail. It was back in 2015 when our mission was transitioning from having a hierarchical structure with Regions and Directors to having a more flattened structure with Areas […]

Do’s and Don’ts on Social Media

Have you ever been on a mission trip? As Christians, we are called to make God known in all corners of the world. No country is too far, no climate too cold or too hot. We go because we want the world to know Jesus. If you ever went on a mission trip, you most likely made a […]

Keys to Dynamic Written Communication

As I sit down to write this piece, I am aware of the wealth of material available in print and online about this very subject. If you want to learn how to communicate well in writing, there is no shortage of excellent resources to help you learn. (Two worthwhile places to start would be to […]

Theology of Work

The first few years after I left YWAM full-time, I felt the work that I was not doing in the church or YWAM was a waste of my time and of no value, because I was not working for the Lord. This was my thinking. Luckily through Holy Spirit, Bible, books, seminars, and long talks with many […]

‘Thinking’ About Vocation 

The word vocation comes from the Latin word “vocaré”, which means to call or name. It is a term that has been extensively discussed amongst scholars and theologians and throughout the centuries has been associated primarily with those who occupied positions within the clergy or church domain. That meant other forms of work, such as […]

YWAM’s Secret Sauce?

The young and the old together YWAM. In essence, it is a space where the young and old can fulfill godly purposes. Together. My YWAM journey began when a 20-year old Minnesota-born boy found himself at a YWAM event. It took place in Munich at the 1972 Olympic Games Outreach.  I remember it as a […]

Time for a team check-up?

Every year while I was living in Europe I had to take my car to the garage to receive an inspection or check-up that allowed me to drive for another year.  If the car doesn’t pass, then I am not…

What makes team meetings alive and fruitful rather then dead and boring?

Whether we prefer occasional or more frequent, shorter or longer team meetings, each team member needs a place and time to connect with the entire team, to share their concerns or ideas, to ask questions, to get information, to feel that they are part of something bigger as well as having a contribution to the […]