How long, Lord?

Almost six months after the start of lockdown in Europe, we still have no clear answer to the psalmist’s question, ‘How long, Lord?’ (Ps. 13). A matter of weeks, we first thought; then conceded that it could take months before ‘normality’ would return. Now we hear it could be years before we return to our […]

Are we stuck in our thinking?

Our worldview has an incredible effect on what we think, feel and act. On the news the other night, there was an interview with an African lady who was fighting for freedom regarding the 200 million women undergoing female genital…

The Generous Apple – You decide the ending……

It was a hot day.  So hot that Jon and his sister Naomi found themselves walking through the busy market-place dreaming of ice-cold fruit platters on silver trays.  As they wondered where they could find such royal food, they stumbled upon the fruit seller’s stand and to their delight, right in front of them was…

Why the Spiritual Life requires us to Wake Up

This Series explores why awareness is crucial to our Christian growth, and ways to cultivate spiritual alertness.

1. Why the Spiritual Life requires us to Wake Up
2. Factors that Mitigate against Awareness
3. Engaging our 5 Senses to Develop Awareness
4. Getting in Touch with our Feelings
“The spiritual life starts with awareness”
Dr. David Benner

Been pruned lately?

I came home after a two month trip away to find that the large carob tree in our prayer garden had been massacred by our gardeners. It looked so ugly with a pile of branches scattering the garden below. The gardeners called it pruning and said that now the tree could become healthy again. What I did notice though, was that our view was back! The tree had been growing higher and obscuring our view of the Mediterranean, but now we could see the horizon once more.