YWAM 3.0 – “A fresh model of YWAM Community”

For many years, I have been a “normal” YWAM staff. I lived on a normal campus and worked in normal campus structures. Normal YWAM life: In the morning, you go to the meeting rooms or office, and depending on your ministry, you work – sometimes more or sometimes less- hours on the campus. For outreaches, […]

Fostering Community in Leadership Teams

“Team-work makes the dream work” is a well-known expression. For us in YWAM it is much more than that, teams define who we are. Our values state that we are to operate in teams and if we drift away from that we are moving away from the movement we are a part of.  However, for […]

Investing in Others Through Mentoring

A life of pioneering My name is Heddy de Visser Beckmann. I have been in YWAM 47 years and have pioneered many different ministries like King’s Kids, a ministry among the prostitutes in Brussels, outreach in our Muslim neighbourhood, a free pregnancy centre in Brussels, and YWAM Kerygma ministry in Belgium. I was part of the […]

Coaching Skills Transformed a Ministry (Mine!)

Intentionally living out a few basic coaching principles changed the way I do just about everything…the way I preach, train, converse and even relate to others. What are these transforming principles? You can skip to the end of this article to find out, but I think you will appreciate a little of the back-story… At […]

Is There a Lack of Visionary Leaders Today? (And if so, Why?)

YWAM is a movement founded on a vision, from God, to Loren Cunningham.  One of our foundational values is to be Be Visionary (no.5).  So when posed with this question, surely most people would say no, in YWAM there is no lack, in fact, perhaps the assumption is that we maybe have too many visionaries? […]

What Does It Take to Be an Entrepreneur?

To see or not to see, that is the question! Hamlet’s soliloquy really addresses a deeper and more existential perspective; to be or not to be. Living or dying. But for an entrepreneur the question about seeing is almost equally important. If you cannot see, chances are that your efforts are fruitless and dying. And […]

Models of Debriefing for Individuals and Couples

It has been more than 10 years since my husband and I went through our most difficult season in missions so far. We found ourselves part of a conflict that we thought had been resolved and became the target of painful accusations. Months went by without resolution or even progress. During this time, the two […]

Leadership In Times Of Transition, Crisis And Change

We live in an unpredictable and rapidly changing world. Some transitions are planned while other changes are forced upon us and, as leaders, we need to know how to provide people with context and clarity in both situations. Change doesn’t need to lead to crisis, but crisis nearly always leads to change. In the Bible, […]

Coping Mechanisms Through Major Crisis And Change

We have all had to learn to cope over the past months of this pandemic. There are many other situations or seasons where we need to cope too. Some are short, some are longer. They can often become seasons of deep learning and change, when we see the opportunity they offer and lean into God’s […]