Theology of Work

The first few years after I left YWAM full-time, I felt the work that I was not doing in the church or YWAM was a waste of my time and of no value, because I was not working for the Lord. This was my thinking. Luckily through Holy Spirit, Bible, books, seminars, and long talks with many […]

‘Thinking’ About Vocation 

The word vocation comes from the Latin word “vocaré”, which means to call or name. It is a term that has been extensively discussed amongst scholars and theologians and throughout the centuries has been associated primarily with those who occupied positions within the clergy or church domain. That meant other forms of work, such as […]

YWAM’s Secret Sauce?

The young and the old together YWAM. In essence, it is a space where the young and old can fulfill godly purposes. Together. My YWAM journey began when a 20-year old Minnesota-born boy found himself at a YWAM event. It took place in Munich at the 1972 Olympic Games Outreach.  I remember it as a […]

Time for a team check-up?

Every year while I was living in Europe I had to take my car to the garage to receive an inspection or check-up that allowed me to drive for another year.  If the car doesn’t pass, then I am not…

What makes team meetings alive and fruitful rather then dead and boring?

Whether we prefer occasional or more frequent, shorter or longer team meetings, each team member needs a place and time to connect with the entire team, to share their concerns or ideas, to ask questions, to get information, to feel that they are part of something bigger as well as having a contribution to the […]

Keys of Recruiting and Developing Staff

The perfect match…  – how to attract, introduce and develop new staff If you want to attract and keep (good) workers, make sure you take good care of the ones you have right now. The key is to make sure that people coming through our organization come out better on the other side. I believe […]

Painting a Picture of the Future – Capturing your Audience’s Attention

You know the old saying that ‘without prophetic vision the people perish (or cast off restraint) Prov. 29:18’ . What this means is that without some kind of God-infused future hope, or word to look towards, most normal people get a bit lost in the daily grind.  With the busy-ness of life and constant stresses, it […]

Being Strategic with God in 2022

It’s the start of a new year, and that always makes me think of the fantasy story book, Alice in Wonderland.  Not because a wonderful new year full of potential and possibilities lies ahead – although that’s certainly true and is a good reason to start the year full of faith and hope. No, I […]

New Year’s Resolutions

So, it’s the time of year again when everyone around you shares their New Year’s resolutions with enthusiasm and energy. And we all have moments to ourselves where we think about those proclamations and promises we repeatedly make to ourselves – and we dream about them being life changing.  “Hopefully, this time around I will make it.” […]

Margins: Are yours sufficient?

To enable everyone to stay safe during the past twenty months, we’ve become familiar with social distancing and keeping the right margin between each other. (Although these guys aren’t wearing their masks!). I want to think about the word ‘margin’ in a different way though. For this couple to sit talking on these benches, there […]