Family Life and Ministry – Finding a Rhythm that Fits

I’ve heard Darlene Cunningham teach us, “We have often been told, ‘God first, family second, ministry third.’ While this is well-intentioned, it should be, ‘God first, God second, God third…God everywhere, and in everything first.’” I like this approach which doesn’t compartmentalize our lives into categories. Family and ministry are linked. According to 1 Timothy […]

What needs a ‘necessary ending’ in your life?

Do you need to end something? I think we would all agree that that the end isn’t in sight for the COVID pandemic yet. Some endings are out of our control.  Some of us like to end things that are in our control, but perhaps a little too quickly – like important but tedious activities, relationships that […]

Are you making the most of your meals?

If you’re like me, you look forward to Christmas partly because of the delicious food that is connected with that season. Like so many Brits, I love Christmas cake, Christmas pudding, mince pies and of course turkey & stuffing, cranberry…

Entertaining Angels

Mosaic from the Papal Basilica of the three visitors to Abraham As we moved into a new way of blessing others through our zoom connections, I was surprised at how so many strangers became dear friends over the course of a two-week training. Staff worked so hard to provide a welcoming atmosphere as they focused […]

Sex, True Purity, and Almost Jumping Out of a Moving Car

—by Eric Demeter. Adapted from the book, How Should a Christian Date? It’s Not as Complicated as You Think (Moody Publishers, September 2021). I was eighteen and stuck in my mom’s car when out of the blue, she hit me with, “Eric, I have something to share with you. When you date, remember two things: keep it […]

Restoration after Moral Failure

Procedure for responding to situations of Moral Failure Introduction God is a God of redemption and restoration. This is His heart and history reveals to us it is also the action He takes. As His followers, we must always have both redemption and restoration at the heart of our actions towards those who have failed. […]

A married man’s perspective on cultivating sexual integrity within marriage

“What do you think the average is for Dutch couples?” I asked Hans after the small talk questions ran out. The late afternoon dusk on the farm was sufficient enough to hide the color of my face. Besides, the fire gave proper warmth to cause my face to glow anyway. “I don’t know, per week?” […]

If Servanthood is the Antidote, What is the Problem?

When it comes to leadership, Jesus made it clear that Christian leaders are not meant to lord it over the people they lead, but rather to be servant leaders.  “Jesus called them together and said, ‘You know that those who are regarded as rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them, and their high officials […]

Financial Transparency—Your Protection

A YWAM leader from a thriving base and ministry visited us in Harpenden many years ago.  After initial greetings, the next thing he said was “Lynn, how much money do you need to do everything you have planned for this property?”  I explained that we had substantial long-term plans and it would run into many […]